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Catering to Your Inner Swine for three Long Years

God Help us. . .

Well, where to begin. We had a gigantic bust at a show this fall and now Hogbutler is closed forever. We were able to put a smashing, loud and debauched show up on New Years eve that has sent Hogbutler into that dark night the way it should have. In a steaming blast of booze and rock and roll. Thanks to everyone who has contributed thier time efffort and talent over these three and one half years. This town has been good to us and we want you to know we reconise that. Thanks.

The bust was in a way sort of cool. Admittedly the going to court, paying fines and standing before a judge part really sucked, but you have to admit. .. what a way to go. I think there was something like a dozen vice cops that stormed the place right in the middle of National Blues Arsenals set. I do have to hand it to the cops, they said National Blues rocked. They are correct. Many thanks to the Arsenal for sticking around for moral support during the bust and to Ryan for joining us for court and cocktails after.

 Hogbutler out lived all of our expectations. It lasted, didn't burn down, none of the staff or patrons attempted to do permanent bodily harm to anyone else, the booze always ran out at the right time (hardly, when is it right to EVER run out of booze?) the sound system stayed intact, a hel of a lot of fun was had and no one can deny there was some very good music put up on that stage time and time again.

Some events that will always stick out, both good and bad:

Mr. Pac Man lighting my PA speakers on fire. ". . .Hey is smoke SUPPOSED to be comeing out of there?"

The Rok Tots are so fucking loud! But so fucking good!

Almost all women are attractive at 11am, and you have not slept in 24 hours, and are drunk as hell

The staff at Soundtown can fix anything.

Three and one half years of split drinks does not mop up. EVER.

More later.

Steve Blackheart please email me with your favourite Hobutler memories and I will put them here on the website for all to see and ridicule.


And there is no secret room!!
You are Hog number:



Thank you to last months attendees and to everyone who has attended events over the years. You are the people that make all this so great.

Special thanks to all the bands; National Blues Arsenal, Dead Heaven Cowboys, Captured By Robots, Kallisti, The Hacks, The Swanks, Audio Dream Sister, The Emmas, Buckwild, Phantom Trigger, Detroit Cobras, Rok Tots, Misunderstood, Oh My God, Fabulous Boogienauts, King Rat, St. James Gate, Mr. Pac Man (even though you guys blew up our sound system. On fire no less), Curious Yellow, Denyed, Crimson Haybailer, Hampster Theater,The Mansfields, The Vestals, Los Luchadores, The Omens, Voodoo Organist, Totimoshi and many more that are still together and some not who have graced our stage Thank-you to all the bands that have the guts and raw talent to play here at Hogbutler.

Always crazy, always insane. . . but worth it.

What's Happening?

Keep looking here for special items and such. We still will be supporting nand underwriting shows around town. Go out and see shows.

Turn off your TV. Go out and be social.

Hogbutler Productions and Nick Plumber have finsihed production on the film  "We are the Damned these Days" , and are currently in the process of editing.  Expect a sneak preview in July, and a full fledged premier by Fall.  Rumors are abound that there will soon be a an Undead In Denver Part Three. Again recorded at Motaland studios. Everyone at Hogbutler is looking forward to that since all the previous albums have been so good. Undead Number One won for "best comp album" 2003 by Westword magazine. Keep it up Motaland.

Keep supporting local music in Denver.

Past Projects
Stale Ink Benefit Show I and II (sound and production), pre/post production for feature length movie "Jonathan of the Night", "Modern Drunkard The Movie" production and direction services, The Squire Lounge, booking and sound (no more).
Not to mention the various events and promotions that are truely the highlights of the Denver underground.


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